Malaysia has enough resources to build more gas turbine power plants -- Expert

CGN Korea Holdings Co Ltd joint representative director Lee Sangjin (Credit: Edra Energy)

By Anas Abu Hassan

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 17 (Bernama) -- Malaysia has a sufficient amount of natural resources to build more gas turbine power plants to provide for the increasing electrical power demand in the country, said an energy expert.

CGN Korea Holdings Co Ltd joint representative director Lee Sangjin said Malaysia has enough raw material for gas turbine-generated power plants since it is one of the biggest exporters of liquified natural gas (LNG).

Currently, Malaysia has two combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power plants, namely Edra Melaka Power Plant (EMPP), the largest in Southeast Asia, and Sultan Iskandar Power Station, supplying a total of 3,682 megawatts of electrical power to the national grid.

“Moving towards net-zero carbon ambition by the year 2050, the feasible option for Malaysia is to replace the coal-fired power plant with more gas turbine power plant to generate electricity,” Lee told Bernama at the Global Gas Turbine Power Generation Summit, here, today.

The two-day summit, which started yesterday, was organised by CGN Energy International and Edra Power Holdings Sdn Bhd.

Meanwhile, Lee highlighted that considering the increasing demand for electricity in the future, coupled with the rise of electric vehicles in the market, having more gas turbine power plants would help generate more electricity to meet the demand.

“Gas turbine power generation can deliver a lot of electricity that will complement the electrical supply from renewable energy (RE) power plant such as solar or wind power that have certain limitations.

“Relatively, gas turbine power generation is also cheaper than RE power generation,” Lee noted.

He went on to say that there are huge opportunities for local and international companies to invest in building more gas turbine power plants to supply electricity, especially in the northern part of Malaysia where many semiconductor factories are located.

“In a sense, Malaysia is also a good place for investment by international companies because of its relatively good security and abundant raw material resources,” he added.


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